“ My two-dimensional paintings and ledger drawings focus on figures originating from the Southwestern Indigenous Tribes. I am inspired to primarily draw Pueblo dancers from various Pueblo Tribes here in New Mexico. I also draw Navajo sheep herders, weavers, ribbon dances from my Dinè heritage. My work are reminiscences of visiting with my family near Coyote Canyon, New Mexico.  

My style is a collaboration of styles and genres of art. I am fond of traditional ledger art, because the nomadic Indigenous tribes of the Planes captured their stories using different ledger documents. I love to watch anime, my favorite is Sailor Moon, because of her will to fight evil with the power of love. I also enjoy collecting Kokeshi dolls (Japanese wooden dolls), their attire reminds me a lot of traditional clothing worn by various Pueblos. I am interested in the history of urban graffiti, and the different styles of lettering and characters that graffiti artists around the world created.  

            I work predominantly in Prism Colored markers, Indian Black Ink, and acrylic paint on canvas, vintage music sheet, and/or antique ledger documents that I either collected from various sources, or that were passed down to me by my family or people who previously purchased my art. Each of my paintings and illustrations have a distinctive style and are consistent with detail and vibrant colors. Each individual figure I create is always unique and one of a kind. I make sure that each composition includes much detail into their attire, hair style, and objects around the main figure.

            Through my artwork I hope to inform the viewers about the various tribes here in New Mexico. I want to inform them about the difference between each tribe, but also about the unity and morals we share. I want non-tribal people to understand that we are still here. I want tribal people to use their talents as a voice, to speak up for not only themselves, but for their people and Indigenous communities all over. I hope my work empowers my audience.”

-DeAnna Autumn Leaf Suazo